New Job

For the past two years I've worked as a contractor at the Linux and Open-Source Software Lab at Microsoft. When I first arrived in September of 2005, I joined a unique and slightly dysfunctional crowd of Linux and Open-Source experts whom they affectionately called the "penguins". At the time I was working with a number of other contractors, and a couple program managers - one of whom was Daniel Robbins, the creator of Gentoo Linux.

But many moons and many projects have come and gone since then. I've written quite a few papers, presented many demos and generally touted the awesomeness of open-source software to some of the most intelligent folks in the industry. And while many of my colleagues have moved on to other things, I've stayed and somehow weathered all the inherent wackiness one might expect from being a lonely Linux penguin in a sea of sharks.

But I'm not quite finished yet. Today I accepted a position as a Program Manager at the OSS Lab at Microsoft. The job pays a bit more (duh), involves more work stuff, and is generally your typical tech job. But it is really a good place to be. It is a great opportunity to keep working with Linux and open-source software in the one place where I know this kind of work is actually making a difference. I'll try to stay away from the Kool-Aid®.

I've finally done it.

Well, as you can all clearly see, I've finally joined the ranks of the bloggers. I'm not all that certain how this will work out, whether I'll maintain the blog or even write another post after this one. But, I'll give it a shot.

Over the years I've occasionally tried hacking out a little home page for myself, but they all came down eventually. My home page for the last 8 years has actually ended up looking like this. Sure, it isn't pretty, but it's reliable and low maintenance. Hmmm, kinda the opposite of my ex-wife...