My Google Health Profile

Last week someone sent me word about a new service from Google called Google Health. I'm sure a lot of folks are rightfully a bit dubious about this service, but luckily their privacy policy is pretty clear about how they share your data (it appears they won't, basically). So hopefully they'll follow that policy and folks will find it to be a valuable service.

One has to wonder, of course, what is their angle? Google is first and foremost an advertising company. Search and data analytics is just a means to this end. So are they planning on flashing ads about Paxil to folks who suffer from depression? Probably.

In any case, check it out and see what interesting things you can do with your medical history. The Internet is a great place to reinvent yourself - for example, according to Google, I'm now officially a 30-year old dwarf with a severe allergy to cabbage juice.

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