SambaXP 2008

This last April I had the opportunity to attend SambaXP in Göttingen Germany. This was my first time in Germany, and I have to say I like the place a lot. Unfortunately, I didn't have a whole lot of time to explore. I spent most of the time in Göttingen where the conference was. But that, too, was a nice place to visit. I just wish I spoke any German at all.

I flew into Copenhagen, Denmark (btw, business class RULES), and then hopped over to Hamburg. From there it was about a two-hour train ride down to Göttingen. Pretty easy overall, even for a sleep deprived traveler like me.

SambaXP was just great. Microsoft was there in force, with engineers and architects to meet and exchange information with the Samba team. I felt I was watching a bit of history as Andrew Tridgell of the Samba team asked the Microsoft employees in the audience to stand up, and be recognized. That was nice. Microsoft has gone beyond what any regulatory agency has asked. The Samba Team (and the world) now has open access to 30,000+ pages of documentation and new friends in Microsoft with which to collaborate.

Anyway, enough preaching. Here are a couple photographs I took at Germany. I actually didn't take all that many, unfortunately.

Train station in Hamburg, Germany

Germany at ~120MPH

I've Arrived!

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