Working on My New Place - Week 2

Second week working on my new place. My dad has been helping me quite a bit, so things are coming along pretty well. Last week we removed all the popcorn from the ceiling, demolished part of one wall, and widened the entrance to the closet in the bedroom.

This week we spent fixing all the stuff we destroyed last week. This primarily consisted of putting up drywall, corners and "spackling" everything. Drywall work basically sucks, demolishing is way more fun. I'm just glad I don't have to do this shit every day.

We also cut a few holes in one of the closets for plumbing for my new washer/dryer. These condos do not typically have these, but I think adding one at the cost of some storage space would be really nice.

Working with my dad can be an interesting experience. Here is just a short list of things he said this week:

  1. "Try cutting it straight, that might work better."
  2. "Dammit! Oh, no, that's OK."
  3. "C'mon, put some oomph behind it, you girl."
  4. "Don't mess up the carpet! The guy who owns this place is a real ass about his carpet!"
  5. "Man you wouldn't believe... well, maybe you would 'cause you're gullible."
  6. "Not very straight, is it?"
  7. "Crap, Steve, I put a hole in your wall! Come fix this."
  8. *Sound of the saws-all rumbling, then suddenly stops* "Hey Steve, I found a wire!"
  9. "Not bad. Not as good as mine, but not bad."
  10. "Glad this isn't my place."

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